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It’s Personal

Cancer is a reality nearly every family has to face.  When it happens to a child, it’s the worst case scenario.  This literally changes who you are and how you live the rest of your life.  At Numovo we have been personally touched by this evil and have chosen to take a stand.  Numovo is our platform in the fight to eradicate cancer.  No family should feel like they are alone.  This is a multi-front war and you can help us by investing with Numovo. 

With every investment in Numovo, we donate a portion of our profits to The Children’s Hospital of Cincinnati.  They are one of the leaderes in this fight and have been our co-pilot throughout the development of our platform.  Invest now and feel good about making a difference!

Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy among children in the United States.


Partnering with Hospitals

We have partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to assist in funding their research in this area. Cincinnati Children’s is home to the world’s largest pediatric medical research facility and is consistently rated among the top 5 for cancer treatment. We believe that this is the most impactful way to give back and help protect those who are truly most defenseless and vulnerable. By donating a percentage of our revenue to fighting pediatric cancer, together we can help the children that need it most.